Kale has gone from being a slightly wilted garnish at chain restaurants to being the cool kid on the block.  Everyone wants kale!  It is one of the healthiest foods on the planet and can be incredibly delicious!  This is a simple yet delicious raw kale salad made with items I always have on hand.  My husband doesn't like raw kale but he does like this salad!

The trick to raw kale salads is to massage oil into the kale prior to using the kale in a salad.  Without the massage raw kale is just too harsh but something about the massage loosens the kale up and makes it perfect for eating raw!

  • Kale, washed
  • Oil (I use extra virgin olive oil)
  • Trail Mix
  • Balsamic Glaze (sometimes called balsamic reduction)
  • Salt to taste

Directions to massage kale
  1. Remove stems from kale and break kale leaves into bite size pieces.  Put the kale leaf pieces into a large bowl
  2. Drizzle oil onto the kale leaves; I use about 1 Tbsp oil for a large bunch of kale or 1/2 Tbsp for a small bunch.  
  3. Massage oil into kale until all kale pieces are glistening and feel relaxed :)  The kale can keep like this in the frig until ready to use or can be used immediately.
Directions to assemble salad
  1. Take desired amount of kale and put into bowl or on a plate.  I usually use about 50 grams of massaged kale for one of my salads
  2. Top each portion of kale with one serving of trail mix
  3. Drizzle balsamic glaze over kale and season with salt if desired.  Serve and enjoy!
  • Any kind of trail mix will do but it is my personal suggestion that if you are using trail mix with M&M's or yogurt chips that you separate the candies out before putting the trail mix on the salad.  You can eat them after your salad as a reward for eating healthy kale!
  • Any kind of kale works in this recipe but I have used green curly kale most often.
  • I will be experimenting with recipes to make my own balsamic glaze and sharing the results here but in the meantime it can usually be found in the grocery store near the other vinegar.  I use it in place of salad dressing and am just a little bit addicted to it!

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